Sentient Sediment

Are we sentient or sediment? In this exploration for a group of 5 to 6 visitors, you are invited to reflect on what we have been holding as humans and shift our logic slowly to consider what a rock has been holding. Through movement, singing and poetic conversation, we will move from thinking as human to thinking as rock.

This is a 40-minute interactive performance using the metaphor of rocks and the geological cycle to induce your realization of what you are holding onto in relation to collective emotions.

Two sessions are available on Friday, April 28 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church at 7pm and 8:30pm


Conceived and Performed by Bao Nguyen
Co-produced by Joyce Liang and Cliff Banquet
Graphic design by Hayden Wright
Photo documentation by Lianghong Ke
Video documentation by Rick Li and Jiangshan Li
Venue by St. Mark’s Lutheran Church with support from Pastor Emily, Vicar Liza and Tori Wick
Special thanks to all the test audience.