The Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning? (Norfolk edition)

The Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning? is series of 1-on-1, site-specific guided walks. Norfolk edition includes 31 walks on the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate in Norfolk, Connecticut in June 2022.

Acting as the staff member of the Center, Bao invites one participant per walk to ask any question. As an exchange for their question, Bao walks with the participant across different areas of the estate from grass field, boulders, a dinning room, the woods to the owner’s grave. Bao invites the participant into into improvised singing, performative actions and intimate conversations. Together, they discover the answer through observing elements along the walk.  This experience includes 3 pathways that the audience can choose from.

A question gives rise to a conflation of contemplation, delight, wonder, or perhaps, tears.

Conceived and Performed by Bao Nguyen
Oracle Deck Co-produced with Michie Miller
Photo Documentation by JT and Cyle Warner
Production Schedule Coordinated by Estelle Maisonett
Documentation Participants : Youngeun Sohn, Zoe Alameda, and Hwiy Chang
Special thanks to Mich Miller, Suzanna Zak, John Hester and Lisi Stoessel