The Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning? (Baltimore edition)

The Center for Questioning and Questioning and Questioning? is series of 1-on-1, site-specific guided walks. This edition includes 14 walks on the Jones Falls trail in Baltimore, a site marked by a long history of mill developments, industrial contamination and urban planning.

Acting as the staff member of the Center, Bao invites one participant per walk to ask any question. As an exchange for their question, Bao walks with the participant along the trail, inviting them into improvised singing, performative actions and intimate conversations. Together, they discover the answer through observing the trail’s natural and man-made elements. This experience includes 2 pathways that the audiene can choose from.

A question gives rise to a conflation of contemplation, delight, wonder, or perhaps, tears.

Conceived and Performed by Bao Nguyen
Co-produced by Joyce Liang and Cliff Banquet
Graphic design by Hayden Wright
Photo documentation by Lianghong Ke
Site consultation by Anna Brackett
Test audience members: Ruth Huang and Sarah Leiva